ULM Director of Athletics Dr. Brian Wickstrom will not seek to renew his contract with the university, according to President Dr. Nick J. Bruno. Wickstrom’s contract runs through June 30, 2017.


“I want to thank Dr. Wickstrom for his four years of service to ULM,” Bruno stated. “When Brian arrived at ULM, we discussed what his goals and aspirations were. At that time, he informed me that his plan was to remain here for three or four years, but his goal was to move to a larger program. He has accomplished many things during his tenure and our program is better for his service. I wish Brian and his family the best in his future endeavors.”

Dr. Bruno and I started discussions about an extension back in January. After a lot of thought and reflection, I wanted to be honest about my desire to make a long-term move to a bigger program. Through these discussions, I decided not to ask for a contract extension.”