Mother Nature gave Louisiana Tech head coach Skip Holtz exactly what he wanted on Tuesday morning.

It was a double dose of positive as overcast, dreary, raining conditions greeted the Bulldogs at Joe Aillet Stadium for a two-hour workout. With the rain came cooler temperatures and an opportunity for Holtz and Co. to get some much needed snaps in wet conditions.

“Two years ago we played five of our six home games in the rain,” said the fifth year Bulldog Boss. “So right now it’s not whether we are going out, it’s how wet are we going to get. I think it’s great for us. We need it. We need to throw and catch in bad ball days. We need to get used to a little bit heavier balls and ball handling and backfield action and the center snapping it.”

Tuesday might not be the only day that the Bulldogs practice in rain as the forecast for the rest of the week is calling for plenty of the wet stuff in the north Louisiana area.

“Sometimes when you don’t get this inclement weather in camp you take a bucket of water and dip the ball in it and then give it to the center,” said Holtz. “You do whatever you can to simulate wet conditions. It’s being made for us. I think it’s cool and the temperature is down a little bit, but at the same time it’s giving us a chance to practice bad weather balls.”

The workout was the eighth since Tech opened fall camp nine days ago and Holtz said they used the time to practice a little more of the aerial attack.